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About Alive Tree Care

Alive Tree Care has been providing quality tree care services in the Peoria area since 1998 and is operated and owned by Michael and Karrie Cady. Michael has over 25 years experience in the tree care industry and has been a certified arborist since 1994. Karrie Cady is also a certified arborist. In addition to becoming a certified arborist in 2004, she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Illinois State University in 2000. Michael and Karrie spend countless hours each year maintaining and improving their knowledge and skills, keeping up with the latest in the arboriculture industry, attending seminars, researching tree problems and discussing tree related issues with other leading professionals throughout the state.


Alive Tree Care is excited to announce the addition of a third certified arborist to the staff. Jacob Cady is now a certified arborist. Having three certified arborists on staff will be a huge advantage when it comes to caring for your trees.


If you have any questions or would like pricing information, please call one of the numbers listed and speak with Wendy. Wendy has been the office manager at Alive Tree Care since 2008. She can provide you with general tree information and pricing on services provided by Alive Tree Care.


Thank you for the opportunity to care for your trees
Michael and Karrie Cady
Certified Arborists